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2 min readJul 17, 2022

Dear fellow Neopians,

We have recently been made aware of comments by one of our ambassadors. We have reviewed these comments and decided to address this below.

At Neopets Metaverse, we firmly believe in building peacefully toward Web3. We recently launched the ambassador program to align with this vision. (See our original ambassador program post here). It is important to note that Ambassadors are NOT employees or official representatives of Neopets Metaverse. It is an initiative to recognize active community members who wish to contribute to the broader Neopets Metaverse community.

In reviewing the recent activity, we assure you that we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure all our ambassadors will fall in line with the broader vision with clearer guidelines for our ambassador roles moving forward.

In terms of the comments made by a particular ambassador, they have privately expressed their apologies to the Neopets Metaverse Team and the broader Neopets community, and have decided to step down.

We encourage everyone in the community to be inclusive and respectful towards each other as we condemn behaviors that do not align with our vision and values.

Let’s peacefully build towards Web3!

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