Project Timeline

This update is brought to you by the Neopets Metaverse Team. Let’s review the completed milestones of our journey so far and envision what 2022 has in store for the project.

Completed Milestones — where are we now?

The decentralized nature of Neopets Metaverse can give our players and creators a sense of freedom and confidence that is unavailable within the confines of traditional games. Therefore, by creating a blockchain game, we believe that Neopets Metaverse can bring to life a fun virtual pet game truly owned and governed by the community.

  • September 2021: Neopets Metaverse website launches, along with the opening of communication channels such as Discord, Twitter, and Medium.
  • November 2021: Neopets Metaverse publicly launched the Neopets Metaverse Collection, our uniquely generated, loveable Neopets NFTs living on the Solana blockchain. After the primary sale, the project became verified on NFT marketplaces, where people can continue trading their Neopets NFTs.
  • December 2021: This project team was formed to take up the baton for building the Neopets Metaverse, first and foremost, refining the long-term vision, and creating the project roadmap you are reading today.
  • January 2022: We conducted a community survey to collect inputs and feedback from Neopians, which resulted in the Neo Year Resolution, which expands upon our principles and the direction for Neopets Metaverse.

Project Timeline for 2022 and beyond

We are here to make the Neopets Metaverse a reality in Web 3.0 by building you a fun free-to-play game that you’ll love with the options of play-and-earn!

For Q1 2022, we will…

  • Introduce the basic gameplay and its related in-game and NFT elements at a high level. As a quick teaser, these elements include Neopets customizations for battling and cosmetic purposes, Neopets species, Neohomes, National Neopian Bank (treasury staking), mini-games (farming native tokens), Battledome (for Neopets to engage in battle), and the Neopets Metaverse marketplace.
  • Continue expanding our team and our circle of partners and advisors. We have assembled a separate team of blockchain and game developers devoted to building the Neopets Metaverse. We will continue introducing them to the community as they are onboarding.

For Q2 2022, we will…

  • Release our first trailer for Neopets Metaverse, giving the community a sneak peek of the game.
  • Hold a private sale of native tokens to strategic investors and advisors.
  • Release a litepaper detailing the gameplay and economy of Neopets Metaverse. It will include more information about the main storyline of Neopets Metaverse, its tokenomics (e.g., in-game native token and tradable assets), and many more!
  • Launch Initial Metaverse Offering (IMO), our initial offering of tokens, allowing the broader community to invest in the Metaverse.

For Q3 2022, we will…

  • Launch the alpha version of Neopets Metaverse. Those with priority access can be the first to experience the initial gameplay within the metaverse.

For Q4 2022, we will…

  • Integrate new GameFi elements and land ownership into Neopets Metaverse, allowing an open-world experience.

In 2023 and beyond, we will…

  • Hold primary NFT sale of Neopets lands, where Neopians can expand their Neohome on their own plot of land, interact and traverse to other lands.
  • Launch the beta version of Neopets Metaverse, where Neopians can experience more refined gameplay, new storylines, and interactions within the metaverse.

To our Genesis Neopians

We truly appreciate your support thus far! As Neopets Metaverse expands, you will be able to enjoy…

  • Access to the allowlist of our token offering this summer.
  • Access to the allowlists of future NFTs, which will consist of wearables for Neopets, decorations for Neohomes, Land NFTs, and more!
  • Airdrops of tokens and/or NFTs that could be used as in-game items for Alpha as well as airdrops at later stages in the game’s development.
  • Exclusive in-game utility for NMC NFTs. This includes being able to use them as a displayable, in-game avatar that will be exhibited in gameplay (battle, mini-games, etc.) as well as being customizable with wearable accessories.
  • A displayable badge of honor for being an early supporter.
  • Early access into available game modes such as Neopets Metaverse private alpha release.

Note: If you are a holder of a Neopets Metaverse Collection NFT, remember to verify your wallet via Grape on our Discord to become a Genesis Neopian and get the latest updates.

For over 20 years, inspired a whole generation of developers, designers, and investors because of its unique and innovative game design — and will continue to do so. Looking ahead, Neopets Metaverse carries the torch to the next frontier, the decentralized blockchain, where Neopians of old and new will become empowered and enjoy their creative freedom more so than ever before. Buckle up as Neopets Metaverse will be filled with fun games and exciting lore for all to enjoy!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!





This article is issued on behalf of, and with the consent of Neopets Inc. and is intended for informational purposes only regarding potential future plans. It is not intended to be legally binding, nor is it intended to be an offer, solicitation, or advice of any kind. Any forward-looking statements or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual events to differ materially. No reliance should be placed on any such forward-looking statements or information. The initiatives in this article, if they proceed, may not be available to all persons in all jurisdictions and are subject to change. No regulatory authority in any jurisdiction has examined or approved this article or any part thereof. Please always read any applicable terms and conditions carefully and seek trusted advice as needed.



A free-to-play, play-and-earn, community-driven, Web3 virtual pet game based on the original Neopets classic!

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