Neopia Weekly — Week of 29th May & 5th June 2023

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3 min readJun 12, 2023
Neopia Weekly

Welcome, Neopians, to another episode of Neopia Weekly, where we bring you the latest news about our project! Before we plunge into the thrills of the past weeks, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and refresh our minds with the highlights of our previous Neopia Weekly.

  • We recently announced the winners of digital collectibles and their physical replica counterparts for the NeopetsMeta x Assassins’s Creed Smart Collectibles Allowlist #giveaway. Additionally, we had a productive Twitter Spaces session hosted by @QuickSwapDEX, and then we celebrated Pizzaroo Day on the 22nd with another generous giveaway.

And that’s everything for our recap! Now let’s tackle our most recent updates:

  • Our Twitter team has recently switched to a mysterious profile picture. Do any of you have any guesses about what it could be? We’re open to any wild speculations!
  • We asked everyone to choose their favorite Neopet. With Shoyru being exempted due to winning the previous poll, the courageous Lupe snatched the crown this time!
  • We’re still looking for dedicated Neopians who’d like to share their favorite Neopets fanart here. Come show us yours!

Done! We acknowledge that there have been a few updates recently, however, we want to assure the community that we’re diligently working on significant upgrades behind the scenes.

We also want to address our users’ concerns regarding the recent Polygon-SEC issue. This is a rather sensitive topic, and we are actively working on providing a comprehensive update regarding the matter.

That being said, creating a quality game takes time, and we do not want to release a product that is not concrete. We appreciate your understanding and want you to know that the momentum for this project is still going strong! See you in the next Neopia Weekly episode.

Our Efforts Behind the Scenes

  • We are actively searching for beneficial partnerships and collaborations to expand our reach and attract more players.
  • We are currently reworking our litepaper as some massive (awesome) developments are being shelled out these upcoming months.
  • We are working heavily on a huge update for the game!
  • We’ll keep you updated with all the latest updates on collaborations, gameplay changes, and community events. Stay tuned!#

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