Neopia Weekly — Week of 26th June & 3rd July 2023

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2 min readJul 10, 2023
Neopia Weekly

Hey there, Neopians! Welcome to another promising month filled with exciting updates as we kick off July. But before we jump into all the juicy details, let’s swiftly recap what went down in our last episode:

  • Firstly, we launched NeopetsMeta x @AudiusProject: Track Creation Contest Round 2! Then, we made our way to the Asia Video Summit, and guess what? We finally dropped the long-awaited Q2 Progress Update, where we spilled the beans about moving the game to mobile!

Alright! Now it’s time to catch up on the past two weeks’ highlights:

  • The Track Creation Contest took the top of @AudiusProject’s charts by storm! It’s beyond satisfying to hear the incredible music you guys produced. Keep them coming!
  • It’s always a good thing to refresh our Neopian knowledge. Can you guess the correct answer to our latest trivia question about Haunted Woods?
  • We know everyone’s itching to know the Track Creation Contest winners, but we’re extending the deadline until July 19th. Take advantage of this extra chance to unleash your musical talents!

And that concludes today’s edition of Neopia Weekly. Keep those ears perked and eyes peeled, folks, because more thrilling developments are coming soon!

Our Efforts Behind the Scenes

  • We are actively searching for beneficial partnerships and collaborations to expand our reach and attract more players.
  • We are currently reworking our litepaper as some massive (awesome) developments are being shelled out these upcoming months.
  • We are working heavily on a huge update for the game!
  • We’ll keep you updated with all the latest updates on collaborations, gameplay changes, and community events. Stay tuned!

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