Neopia Weekly — Week of 15th & 22nd May 2023

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2 min readMay 29, 2023
Week of 15th & 22nd May 2023

Howdy, Neopians! How are your Neopian adventures faring so far? We hope it’s been going great because ours has been fantastic! But before we dive into all the exciting stuff, let’s quickly recap our previous Neopia Weekly episode together, shall we?

  • First, we’ve partnered with @AffynOfficial with the purpose of bridging virtual worlds. Then, we heard our Chief Metaverse Officer, @llldomlll’s insights at the HK Web3 festival. Finally, we participated in a really fun Twitter Spaces hosted by @YeehaGames.

That’s everything from the previous Neopia Weekly, folks! Now let’s jump right to the past two weeks’ highlights:

  • We kicked off the NeopetsMeta x Assassins’s Creed Smart Collectibles Allowlist #giveaway. Shoutout to all the lucky winners who scored a digital collectible and its super cool physical replica!
  • We tuned in to @QuickSwapDEX Twitter Spaces for a highly insightful community and socialFi discussion.
  • It was Pizzaroo Day on the 22nd, so we gave away five mouthwatering Pizzaroos. Did you get one?
  • Lastly, just a quick reminder, make sure to switch your precious collectibles from Solana to Polygon! Visit to make the swap before it’s too late.

And with that we’re done for this Neopia Weekly episode. What do you think will be the fun stuff coming out next? Guess we’ll have the upcoming weeks to find out!

Our Efforts Behind the Scenes

  • We are actively searching for beneficial partnerships and collaborations to expand our reach and attract more players.
  • We are currently reworking our litepaper as some massive (awesome) updates are being shelled out these upcoming months.
  • We’ll keep you updated with all the latest updates on projects, collaborations, gameplay changes, and community events. Stay tuned!

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