Neopia Weekly — Week of 10th April & 17th April 2023

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2 min readApr 24, 2023


Neopia Weekly of 10th April & 17th April 2023

Hey there, fellow Neopians!

How’s it going? We have a few updates for the past two weeks in the real world. So, let’s get right to it and catch up on all the buzz from the previous two weeks.

During these past few days:

  • The Grand Negg Hunt has officially wrapped up! Let’s give our winners a big round of applause — you guys crushed it! And to everyone who joined the fun, we hope you had an absolute blast hunting those Neggs! Can’t wait to see you all at the next event!
  • The final leaderboard of the Ultimate Sundae Sweep Competition has also been released. Congratulations to the winners and enjoy your prizes!
  • We’ve recently launched, a new feature that allows you to verify your Polygon Neocollectibles and snag your corresponding roles on Discord. It’s pretty neat, and we’d love for you to come check it out!

Woohoo! Can you believe how many people won prizes this week? And it’s all thanks to YOU and your incredible support! Let’s keep this energy up and own the upcoming days with even more enthusiasm and awesomeness!

Last week we saw:

  • Dominic sat down and discussed the future of web3 with other trailblazers during Filecoin’s event. He even got the chance to meet a fellow Neopian, @juanbenet, whose sound advice will certainly help our progress!
  • The Grand Negg Hunt and Ultimate Sundae Sweep Competition have come to an end. Have you had the opportunity to check out what was happening? Be sure to check out our Twitter for more information!

Hey there, friends! Another two weeks in the books — and it wouldn’t have been possible without your amazing support. Let’s keep the momentum going and crush next week! See ya!

What’s Coming?

  • We are always seeking new and worthwhile partnerships and collaborations to expand our reach and attract more gamers.
  • Expect necessary updates and changes to our litepaper as exciting new developments get launched down the pipeline.
  • We’ll keep you updated with all the latest updates on projects, collaborations, gameplay changes, and community events. Stay tuned!



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