Neopia Central Revealed: The Money Tree

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2 min readJul 10, 2022


It’s good to see you back, Neopians!

We return to our Neopia Central Revealed series today with the reveal of a (literal) pillar of the Neopia Central landscape.

Rendered in its lush new arboreal 3D form, this nostalgic donation destination is ready to spread its generous branches to all the residents of the Neopets Metaverse.

We proudly present:

The Money Tree!

Anchored at the very crux of Neopia Central, the Money Tree is a radiant symbol of the generous spirit that makes Neopia (and Neopians) so amazing! The Money tree is a place for Neopians to give and take, donating their hard-earned treasures in the hope of collecting something even more valuable! This towering timber giant is verdant, old, and wise, standing tall as a reminder to all Neopians that sharing is at the heart of the Neopets community.

Coming Soon…

Our litepaper will be revealed soon at the end of July 2022. We hope you are all excited as we will show more details about the Neopets Metaverse!

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