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Come one and come all, Neopians!

Our Neopets 23rd birthday celebration continues with a very special preview.

Join us in a tale of mystery, adventure, and intrigue, for today we reveal the secrets of:

The Neopets Metaverse Storyline!

When we began developing Neopets Metaverse, one of the core features we knew was of the utmost importance was how we told the story.

Neopets has a fine-grained history of storytelling; whether through site-wide plots, ancillary video games, or even organically generated content and fan fiction, Neopia has always been a world with a rich narrative tradition. In crafting the Neopets Metaverse story, our narrative design team had some hurdles to overcome as well as a few key tenets to stick to in order to maintain an authentic Neopian story experience.

So stick with us as we tell the tale…of how we told the tale!

A Brand New World

One of the key challenges faced by the narrative team was how to differentiate the Neopets Metaverse Neopia from the classic Neopia. Does Neopia operate in a realm of parallel universes, a series of alternate timelines, or are there a “multiverse” of Neopias in existence? Certainly, the primary concern was to not compromise any of the consistency or canon story of the original Neopia that we know and love; in fact, our goal was to create a world that added to and enhanced original story arcs!

Through many hours of brainstorming and contemplation, we found a happy medium for this challenge in our take on the “Genesis of the Neopets Metaverse.” So many of Neopets’ plot threads have originated as shrouded and mysterious story arcs — why couldn’t the Metaverse do the same? We took this concept and ran with it. In an almost metaphysical way, we found that the enigma of the Metaverse’s origin could be a driving conflict point in the story itself.

At the same time, crafting the Metaverse as an “alternate universe” enabled us to touch on unique plot points within this version of Neopia without overwriting or compromising the previous timeline of events from the most treasured classic Neopian plots.

After establishing the core principles and framework of the Neopets Metaverse story, we could finally start to ask the big questions. Is Dr. Sloth up to no good again? Did Fyora, in her wisdom, create a new world to protect the denizens of Neopia from some outside threat? Or has a new force emerged to challenge the balance of power within Neopia?

You’ll have to play to find out!

Plots, Plots, and More Plots

Spanning from Champions of Meridell, to the Darkest Faerie PS2 game and subsequent Altador Plot, and all the way to the critical events of Faerie’s Ruin, Neopian plots are the bedrock of storytelling within the Neopets Metaverse.

We let these foundational story elements guide our narrative design process when building out the Metaverse. There were a lot of questions that this focus on previous plots necessarily provoked. Which plots had loose ends to tie up? Which stories have resonated the most with Neopians? Which character arcs still had room for growth?

With these things in mind, we set about crafting the main story arc. One of the tough challenges we needed to overcome was being able to tell a story with over twenty years of subsequent backstories. A lot of effort and care went into providing hints and nuanced allusions to characters’ past endeavours and exploits.

With this emphasis on past stories in mind, we decided to include an awesome feature that could shore up holes in the story that some players may have: the Neopian Library within Neopia Central. The Neopian Library serves as a place of lore and knowledge for anyone refreshing their memory on the details of past plots or for brand-new Neopians discovering the amazing history of Neopets for the first time (plus we could give the Library Faerie a little story arc of her own)! There are tales of adventure and horror, poetry, songs, detailed exposition on the history of Neopia, and much, much more! We even have future ideas about including community-selected fan fiction in the Neopian Library — an amazing possibility that we believe is fundamentally in line with the spirit of Neopets!


The last piece of the puzzle was to create a story that engrossed the player. We brainstormed about what made past Neopian stories so compelling, and one thing that kept surfacing in our discussions was that interactivity and agency were at the heart of many of our favourite plots.

Finding clues for Finneus to decipher the Book of Ages, defeating Lord Kass in the Battledome during Battle for Meridell, or helping Hannah in the Ice Caves: these are iconic moments that all illustrated to us how important player involvement is within Neopia. We strived to integrate any kind of interactions we could within the storyline, whether they be mini-game challenges, riddles, puzzles, or battle sequences.

Bringing It All Together

Take some beautifully woven Neopian plots, add some rich character backstories, sprinkle in some player interactivity, do a little wave Fyora’s sceptre overhead, and voila!

We officially had the foundations of the Neopets Metaverse storyline.

But wait, where was the conflict point? Well, remember when we said earlier that the origin of the Neopets Metaverse was a mystery in itself?

Something is not quite right here….

What is the new threat looming in the shadows?

Join us in the Neopets Metaverse to discover the entire story for yourself!

The Alpha+ is available until November 30th, so make sure to switch on and play!

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