Neopets Metaverse Showcase Features: Neohome & Neopets Customization

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4 min readNov 18, 2022


Gather ‘round Neopians!

Another day, another Neopets 23rd birthday celebration showcase! Have you gotten your fill of promising features yet? Hold on tight because we still have a lot to share, so we decided to introduce these two features with some style.

First off, everyone needs a place to hang out and rest, even Neopets!

Welcome to your home away from home: the fully customizable, awesomely decoratable, brand-new Neohome!

Do you have an eye for design? Are you meticulously attentive to detail? Looking to capture the perfect aesthetic? Look no further than the fully revamped Neohome.



A vivacious haven of peace and comfort, the Neohome truly is one of the most unique and satisfying features in the Neopets Metaverse. It is where you can customise, dress, and equip your beloved Neopet to your liking while boosting its status, attributes, and experience levels to prepare for life in the open world of Neopia.

In designing the Neohome, we were inspired by contemporary game design concepts of having personalised spaces that are uniquely customisable in multiple ways. Being able to apply distinctive combinations of furniture, wallpaper, flooring, and colour palettes was a major consideration in how we chose to conceptualise the Neohome. In light of that, the most critical driving factor was creating a space that genuinely feels like a safe digital abode for your Neopets.

Neopet Customization

What good would the Neohome be without Neopets to live in it?

Let’s be honest. Neopet customisation lies at the very heart of what makes Neopets one of the most popular virtual pet games of all time. This goes to say that Neopets Metaverse would not be an authentic Neopets game without significant attention to detail in terms of accessorising, equipping, and customising your Neopet to fit your exact specifications.

Want your Shoyru in a baseball cap? Whatever floats your boat!

You can personalise your Neopets with a wide selection of wearables, such as gorgeous gowns, colourful accessories, and funny hats. Some wearables may alter the appearance of a Neopet, allowing for self-expression and creativity, while other types will boost the attributes to improve their in-game performance!

You can also feed your Neopets with consumable food items to satiate their hunger or entertain them with gifts or play items.

Of course, how can you let your precious Neopet starve? Make sure to feed your Neopet to increase their fullness and boost their experience gained per level.

Moreover, gifting your Neopet with items will strengthen your bond with them and also accelerates their experience gain. Show ’em some love!

Final Thoughts

A lot of care and consideration was poured into getting the aesthetic and user experience of the Neohome and Neopets customisation just right. We really wanted to emphasise the bond that our players can develop with their Neopets through customisation and care. The design of the Neohome system is an extension of that. The Neohome should feel comfortable and familiar; it does have the word “home” in it!

Overall, the goal for both of these systems is to provide a dynamic experience that is as much in line with the feel of Neopets as possible.

At the end of the day, these are the precious friends that will ultimately lead us on our adventures across Neopia!

The Alpha+ is available until November 30th, so make sure to switch on and play!

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