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5 min readNov 16, 2022

Greetings Neopians!

Did you know? Our team hasn’t slept a wink while waiting for Neopets’ 23rd birthday to arrive. So what’s the fuss all about? Well, we’re excited to show you one of the most anticipated upgrades waiting for you in Neopets Metaverse.

Think of Turmac Roll, Ultimate Bullseye, and Meerca Chase.

What do these iconic Neopets mini-games have in common?

On top of being fun and challenging, they are now fully realised as reimagined 3D playable games!

These three contests of skill hold sentimental value to countless Neopians who have rejoiced in the joy of consuming (weird-looking) berries, showing off their archery skills, or collecting Neggs as a hyperactive Meerca.

In the quest to keep the spirit of these mini-games as true to their original versions as possible, we set out to translate their vintage experiences into stunning 3D renderings that are updated but still easily recognizable as Neopian classics.

So without further ado, let’s check out these reinvented mini-games:

Turmac Roll

Everyone’s favourite rolling, berry-eating Petpet is back and ready to endlessly (well, at least until you run out of time) tumble and leap for some delectable fruit.


Unguberry in the air!


Fun Fact: Did you know Turmac Roll was one of the most played mini-games in internet history? Over 60M players have enjoyed Turmac Roll! Wild!

Our design team wanted to capture the essence of Turmac Roll with a fluid, satisfying experience. Conducive to this was getting the game to feel responsive and intuitive. Hitting that series of jumps just right to string together a combo of berry grabs should feel rewarding, and getting into that timing rhythm with Turmac should leave players itching to replay in hopes of getting a new high score.

In this revamp, we tried to make gameplay a bit more forgiving when hitting obstacles (instead of triggering an immediate game over) and sought to place berries in spots that require quick planning and strategy to maximise potential rewards.

Meerca Chase

We know that Neopians will be eager to hear about this mini-game! As you can see, Meerca Chase has received a fantastic visual overhaul!



As one of the clear winners in a mini-game popularity poll conducted within the community, refining Meerca Chase for Neopets Metaverse was a no-brainer.

Bearing in mind that we were working with one of the most popular Neopets mini-games of all time, our design team strived to keep the feel of Meerca Chase as authentic as possible.

There is a reason that snake-inspired games have been played for decades on everything from old school arcade machines to consoles to browsers (and maybe most nostalgically on turn-of-the-millenium mobile phones): you can play these types of games over and over again and they never get stale!

Ultimate Bullseye

Last but not least is the “ultimate” Neopets archery experience (and possibly the only Neopets archery experience): Ultimate Bullseye!


The real question: Whose job is it to blow up all the target balloons?


The angles may be a bit different, but the “aim” of the game is the same!

We again decided to stay close to the original concept of Ultimate Bullseye while carefully tweaking the gameplay to focus more on careful adjustments and strategy.

Players can now enjoy a modernised UI that is colourful, cheerful, and easy to read, allowing you to focus on those well-aimed shots!

Fire away!

Wrapping Up

To reiterate, the most important guide for our design team in translating these mini-games into a 3D format was to absolutely preserve the “feel” of their original incarnations.

What has made all these games amongst the most popular features of were their simplicity and replayability; we think that these new iterations have carried both of those aspects over.

We are so excited for you to try our new mini-games! Looking forward to seeing you on the high-score leaderboards soon, Neopians!

The Alpha+ is available until November 30th, so make sure to switch on and play!

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