Neopets Metaverse x Polygon: Community Alert

Neopets Metaverse
3 min readMar 20, 2023


Dear Neopians,

We’re beyond thrilled to announce a major milestone in our evolution! First and foremost, we want to express our sincere gratitude to every member of our beloved community.

Despite the rocky start to 2023’s market conditions, we refuse to let it dim our spirits as we look ahead and plan for a bright future.

And now, for the grand reveal: The migration of our digital collectibles to Polygon! Yes, you’ve heard that right. We’ve been dropping hints for some time now, and we are delighted that some of our keen-eyed Neopians have already caught on! We cannot wait to continue the next chapter of Neopets on the Polygon network and explore its endless possibilities!

So, what happens with the existing digital collectibles that we have launched?

Well, great news for their owners! Converting all your items at once is now a breeze thanks to our user-friendly portal that will be live on 23rd March at 3 PM UTC. Please look out for further announcements!

Some of you may be wondering why we decided to switch to Polygon. Rest assured that our decision to join Polygon is a part of our broader long-term vision to become a multichain future and work towards an integrated Web3 vision.

Below we list 5 things that we love about Polygon and the decision behind joining the Polygon family:

Reason 1: Sufficient Decentralization

Polygon has made great strides toward decentralization. There are currently around 100 validators staking MATIC (Polygon’s native asset) to secure the network, most of which are run by community projects with significant funds staked. Validators require a ⅔ majority consensus to validate transactions and create checkpoints on Mainnet. This system ensures sufficient security and decentralization of the protocol.

In addition to that, Polygon also uses a dual strategy of Proof-of-Stake at the checkpointing layer and Block Producers at the block producer layer to achieve faster block times, therefore ensuring a higher degree of decentralization by achieving finality on the main chains checkpoints and fraud-proof mechanisms.

Reason 2: EVM-Compatibility

Our second reason for picking a viable L2 option rather than Solana is the simplicity of staying in one language rather than needing to rewrite into Rust. By opening up the doors for EVM compatibility using Polygon, we can open up more partnerships and interoperability with other chains.

Reason 3: Growing network effect

The total volume locked (TVL) on Polygon is roughly $1 billion to date. This refers to the total amount of crypto assets users have locked in the protocol of the network. Despite the ongoing downturn in the market, its network effect continues to grow, making the incentive to migrate to Polygon even more appealing.

Reason 4: Great Developer Ecosystem

On top of decentralization and security, Polygon’s protocol makes it incredibly easy for existing protocols to begin moving their assets onto L2. It features rich ecosystem developer tools that provide migrating developers with powerful building blocks in the new gasless environment.

Reason 5: Interoperability with other Web3 projects

Over the years, Polygon has attracted a growing ecosystem of projects, such as Decentraland, Somnium Space, Zed Run, OpenSea, and Animoca Ecosystem, with more joining daily.

The Polygon team’s commitment to blockchain gaming gives us comfort and assurance that this transition will benefit our project in the long run.

What does this mean for our Community?

For our community, transitioning to Polygon will be seamless. To bridge your existing NFTs to Polygon, visit our website, connect your Solana wallet, and we’ll take care of the rest.

No action is required at this time, so please stay tuned for further updates!



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