Neopet Caring and Customization

This update is brought to you by the Neopets Metaverse Team.

We want to provide insight into some high-level thinking on one of the gameplay elements of the Neopets Metaverse: caring for and customizing your Neopets. One of the core elements of gameplay will be your ability to interact with and care for your lovable Neopets by feeding, grooming, healing, and customizing them with various wearables and equipment.

At the moment, the player’s ability to care for and customize their Neopets is our top priority in terms of meaningful gameplay experience within the Neopets Metaverse. Our game designers are currently finalizing the details surrounding this experience, and you can expect a more in-depth breakdown in a few weeks!

Here are some early principles we are using to guide the design:

Caring for your Neopet is simple and straightforward!

By caring for and nurturing your Neopet, you will enhance their in-game abilities and performance within PvP, PvE gameplay, and mini-games! Treat them to their favorite foods, dress them up in nice clothes, equip them with amazing weaponry and spells — just don’t forget to heal them!

Nurturing and caring for Neopets affects two main factors: status and attributes.

  • Status — A Neopet’s level of temporary wellbeing, e.g. hunger and mood.
  • Attributes — The properties of your Neopets that you can cultivate in the long run, e.g. defensive and offensive stats.

The level of care a Neopet receives will affect its status and attributes, which directly impacts its performance. Thus, the better a Neopet is cared for, the better its overall status and attributes will become. This will enable your Neopet to perform better, inevitably leading to greater rewards.

Neopets can be customized with wearables and equipment!

There will be different types of wearables and equipment for your Neopets. Some of them may alter the appearances of your Neopets, allowing for self-expression and creativity, while other types will boost the attributes that can improve their in-game performance!

This article serves as a foundational look at some of our core design concepts, but its intent is also as a prompt for players to reflect on. We are enthusiastic to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more exciting updates!





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A free-to-play, play-and-earn, community-driven, Web3 virtual pet game based on the original Neopets classic!

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A free-to-play, play-and-earn, community-driven, Web3 virtual pet game based on the original Neopets classic!