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4 min readJan 14, 2022

This update is brought to you by the Neopets Metaverse Team.

Hello, fellow Neopians! It is time for a Neo Year Resolution for Neopets Metaverse!

In November of 2021, Neopets Metaverse Collection (NMC) primary sale was concluded on Solana, with 4,225 NFTs sold to the early supporters. Here, we want to thank all of you again for staying with us for the ride!

Having gone full steam ahead, we ran into quite a few speed bumps and learned our lessons. The lessons resonated with the “words of wisdom” from the Neopian survey responses:

Our Community Always Comes First

What distinguishes successful metaverse projects from others in the world of relentless speculations and turnovers is their community. Newly reformed in December 2021, this project team has since witnessed and experienced feelings that are nothing short of humbleness and retrospection from interacting with the community.

We have a community with varying levels of immersion in the wild, wild crypto, and NFT space. Within this community, we also have people who are enthusiastic about the project and people who hold reservations as they search for more reasons and justifications to believe in it. However, what brings us together comes from our shared belief in an enriched and unparalleled Neopets experience transcending generations with the power to connect and entertain. It is also our undying hope to see Neopets continue to thrive on all platforms, including within the metaverse.

Our team is ready and is committed to fulfilling the following promises. In 2022, we are committed to:

  • Codifying a respectful and creative community management team and practice. We could have done better, and we will do better to foster the community and not to repeat our past mistakes.
  • Having more frequent, efficient and on-brand communications with the community. To start with, be on the lookout for roadmap details, as well as the first “monthly announcement” around the corner. You will be kept in the loop for the development progress of our metaverse, as well as the community events!
  • Assembling the network of trustworthy partners with aligned missions and values. Together, we deliver on the promise of decentralization.

Neopets Venture into Web 3.0

Since the onset of the Neopets Metaverse, we believe Neopets is a great candidate for the metaverse because the traditional online experience has presented itself with an abundance of transferable elements and utilities readily available for Web 3.0. Here are some thematic highlights we have learned further from our community survey:

First and foremost, integration of key elements from into Neopets Metaverse:

  • The top element recommended by our community is pet caring and customization, which is also a venue for self-expression and creativity.
  • Mini-games, dailies, events, and items for collection keep the surprises and excitement going.
  • That our rich and colorful lore prevails as a favorite feature is a testament to our creative community and the decades-worth of narrative we have designed together.
  • The economic elements of the game allow our vibrant community to thrive as digital entrepreneurs.
  • Neopets has always been a free-to-play game, opening doors to people everywhere at every stage of their lives.

We also heard your ideas about the game elements and utilities specific and unique to the blockchain metaverse!

  • The battle system (or improvement of Battledome) is many people’s favorite. You have also given us ideas about accessories and level-up design for the Neopets as part of Battledome.
  • Economic opportunities, such as passive income, include staking, lease, land ownership, or generating more diverse ways to make active incomes through farming and crafting. Inevitably and ideally, everyone can choose their way to earn (or just play the game for fun)!
  • Bring the interactions with other Neopians to the next level: traverse to other parts of Neopia in an open world, interact, communicate, trade, and hang out with each other’s pets!

As our team actively solidifies the game design, your ideas will help us prioritize the game elements and set the tone and narrative for the ideal Neopets game inside the Metaverse!

The Bottom Line

Neopets is a 20-plus-year-old experience carrying the childhood and teenage memories of hundreds of millions of people. We know how critical it is to bridge the nostalgia of traditional Neopets with the advent of Web 3.0 so that the precious, generational memories don’t get lost in translation.

Neopets Metaverse will be a free-to-play game, casual, fun, and dead-simple to participate in no matter if you’re a crypto native or not. At the same time, the Metaverse will create economic opportunities for those who want to play-and-earn!

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!





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