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3 min readMar 25, 2022


Hold on to your hats, Neopians! Today the Neopets Metaverse team brings you another glimpse into some exciting new visual updates.

As with all our previews, keep in mind that all our visuals are still in development; we want to give you a snapshot of the overall game aesthetic, but the look and feel of the Neopets Metaverse is still constantly evolving as we process new ideas and feedback!

That being said, let’s get started!

Classic Mini-games Reimagined in 3D

Sumptuous Snidberries! Juicy Jumbleberries! Vexing Voidberries! One tumbling petpet is trying to eat them all (and not donk its head on a tree stump along the way). Rolling all the way into the Neopets Metaverse, this petpet is ready to gorge itself on some of its favorite (now) multi-dimensional fruits. Avoid obstacles and pitfalls as you rack up high scores to earn more resources. Be sure to watch out for those pesky double stumps!

Hmmm….which iconic mini-game could we be describing?

On its way to the Metaverse!
Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
Sniddberry, Voidberry, Jumbleberry

The National Neopian Bank

As it is both a free-to-play and a decentralized, play-and-earn game, the Neopets Metaverse is shaped by how its players will interact with the in-game economy. In this sense, one of the main hubs of the Neopets Metaverse is the National Neopian Bank.

The Bank Manager is a solemn, suited Skeith up to VERY important business. We swear that there’s a kind heart behind that gruff countenance!

There’s a good reason that he takes his job so seriously: the National Neopian Bank functions as such an inherently important part of the economic structure of the Neopets Metaverse. Neopians will be able to visit the National Neopian Bank to learn about and take part in staking and other GameFi activities, as well as be able to monitor and track returns on their in-game investments.

National Neopian Bank Manager

Looking Forward

With every sneak peek, we grow more and more enthusiastic about the future of the Neopets Metaverse. As we stated earlier, these visuals are all still in development and subject to change; that being said, what better reason to join us on our social channels below and share your feedback?

More updates are on the way — follow us below to avoid missing out on the latest Neopets Metaverse news!





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